Epson Scanners

Scanners are an essential part of any business – they are where physical information becomes manageable, secure digital content. Epson has developed the most comprehensive range of scanners on the market to meet the shifting requirements between sectors – enabling the capture of high-quality images and documents as easily and quickly as possible.

Easily capture, convert and distribute scanned information within your organization. Benefit from advanced document imaging features that enable high-quality scans to be seamlessly stored in your workflow, from simple document filing systems to cloud services and enterprise content management solutions.

With models that significantly cut the steps required to capture and store documents – while supporting a wide range of applications across numerous sectors and business environments – Epson has a scanner to suit your needs.

While Epson has primarily focused on desktop scanners, they have also released the DS-70000 scanner to compete with other manufacturers in the production scanner environment.

Let Graphic Imaging Services provide you the perfect production scanning solution for your business!


Epson Scanner