Fujitsu fi-7700

Production Scanner, Fujitsu fi-7700

The Fujitsu fi-7700 scans A4 landscape documents at high speeds of 100 ppm/200 ipm (200/300 dpi). It is capable of scanning up to A3 sized portrait documents and can load up to 300 sheets at a time.


The straight paper path structure that reduces the load on a document that is being fed, assures stable scanning regardless of the condition and type of a document. Simply changing the feed mode to non separation mode can allow one to easily scan thick documents such as drawings. The Fujitsu fi-7700 scanner is also equipped with a flatbed scanner capable of digitizing up to 12 by 18 inch sized paper. A scan technician no longer has to specify between using the automatic document feeder or the flatbed. This scanner can be setup to automatically scan the flatbed when no paper is loaded on the ADF.

Design with User in Mind

The fi-7700 scanner is equipped with an ADF that can slide to the right or to the left or rotate by 180 degrees. This feature allows left or right handed users to utilize the scanner equally. Users can load documents easily for scanning by adjusting the ADF to suit the user’s office or workspace environment. Operational panel is equipped with an LCD screen to let user easily check the status of the scanner. Fujitsu also actively listens to their client’s requests and added a loading space to the top of the scanner. This provides an area on top of the scanner to load paperwork before or after scanning.

Organized Output

When setting documents on the fi-7700, you can easily align the edges of the documents with independent side guides. Even if the size of each document varies, edges can be aligned. For collecting documents, Stacker Side Guide reduces the time and effort that are required for aligning and putting away documents. Stacker Side Guide helps prevent ejected documents from being unevenly stacked or aligned. Even when scanning with the flatbed, you can consecutively scan thick, fragile or bound documents. Scanning can be done with the document cover open which results in smoother scanning flow.

Automatic Sorting within Software

This scanner focuses on routine tasks (batch scanning) and configure the fi-7700 scanner to create folders that are divided with barcodes or patch codes. As well as automatically sort scanned images to save or index them. The automatic selection of a scanning mode according to each patch codes allows you to load a mixed batch of documents with different types of documents at the same time. The usability for administrators and users is taken into consideration for image processing. Which has made simple operations possible and has improved productivity, so that less work is required for users to sort scanned images.

Energy Star

In keeping with Fujitsu’s long-standing commitment to safeguarding the environment, the fi-7700 scanner adheres to strictest ecological regulations throughout the entire manufacturing process. The design and manufacture of the fi-7700 meet Energy Star’s energy consumption requirements. It also complies with the European Union’s Reduction of Hazardous Substances and Volatile Organic Compounds regulations.

Customer Care

The fi-7700 scanner includes a 90-day, on-site, Limited Warranty. For full details on the Limited Warranty and on all service programs available, reach out to Graphic Imaging Services, Inc. at (702) 222-3590.