Panasonic KV-S4065C

Production Scanner, Panasonic

The innovative Panasonic KV-S4065C scanner uses a reliable, industry-first paper feed mechanism to quickly detect stapled documents. This feature is able to halt scanning in order to minimize damage to the optical glass and the document. The scanner also senses double-sheet feeding to prevent mis-feedings. This minimizes errors and problems in large scanning runs. Plus, it features full-color scanning (200 or 300 dpi) at up to 80 pages per minute / 160 images per minute with clear, high-resolution results.


Documents with different sizes and thicknesses can all be fed together. They can be set in center, left, or right alignment with no issue. By using left or right single-side alignment on the KV-S4065C, there is no more need to spend time organizing documents according to their size. This makes scanning exceptionally fast and easy. This function greatly increases work efficiency.

Smooth Feeding

Multiple sensors on the KV-S4065C check the paper feed condition and automatically adjust the roller pressure. This ensure that documents of various thicknesses are accurately fed. This makes it more reliable and accurate than a conventional feed mechanism.

High Quality Image Processing

The automatically color/binary feature detects when a set of documents contain color or monochrome sheets. You can feed this paperwork together without sorting, and the machine will automatically compress the data efficiently according to whether a sheet is color or black and white. This minimizes the electronic file size. The KV-S4065C scanner is also able to drop-out multiple colors from scanned images. Other scanners may only allow you to remove one variant of blue, red, or green. With the KV-S4065C you can select up to three or even drop all colors saving only black. These features are typically found only on high-end scanners.

Customer Care

The Panasonic KV-S4065C scanner comes with a 90-day, on-site warranty. Graphic Imaging Services provides extended warranties and has consumable rollers readily available. We are able to help save on costs associated with post-purchase maintenance and maximize uptime throughout the product life.