Panasonic KV-S8127

Production Scanner, Panasonic

The Panasonic KV-S8127 high-volume production scanner marks the latest addition to Panasonic’s line of document scanners. With fast scan speeds of 120 pages per minute / 240 images per minute, this scanner is designed for banks, government, service bureaus and any high volume scanning environment. The KV-S8127 delivers top of the line features and functionality to help increase efficiency and decrease production scanning costs.

This scanner supports a large capacity of 750 sheets via the built-in ADF, advanced hardware image processing, and Panasonic’s Toughfeed intelligent feed control for scanning a wide range of documents from thin paper to cardboard. The highly durable, long life rollers are also able to scan up to 600,000 documents before needing replacement.

Toughfeed Technology

Multiple sensors check the paper feed conditions to automatically optimize the scanning of various documents; while also preventing them from being damaged. The acoustic jam microphone sensor stops scanning when an abnormal noise is detected during the paper feed. The feed pressure sensor detects the amount of pressure being applied by the feed roller. It automatically adjusts the height of the feed tray. The stapled document detection sensor is used to detect various types of stapled documents to immediately stop the scanner when staples are detected. All of these sensors combined ensure your documents stay tear-free and the scan process is efficient.

Easy Maintenance

Also, maintenance on the KV-S8127 scanner is easy because the ADF door opens widely. This allows every user to clean the paper transport path and glass with ease. In addition, the built-in cleaning mode will incrementally rotate the feed rollers to easily clean the entire surface of each roller. Never again will you have to manually rotate the rollers to get them cleaned.

Fleet Management

Accordingly, Site Central Manager Suite is a Network-based fleet management software that comes with every Panasonic scanner. This software allows you to remotely monitor and manage your entire fleet of Panasonic scanners, as well as update device firmware and client applications.

Customer Care

Evidently, the Panasonic KV-S8127 scanner comes with a six month, onsite warranty. Graphic Imaging Services provides extended warranties and has consumable rollers readily available. We are able to help save on costs associated with post-purchase maintenance and maximize uptime throughout the product life.