Desktop Scanners

Do you work in a small business or need a personal scanner? Do you work in a fast paced environment and need to scan documents quickly? Do you find yourself walking back and forth to the copy machine several times per day? Does your organization currently have a document scanner that has been making noise and destroys paper as it goes through the document feeder? Any and all of these questions can be answered by a desktop scanner from Graphic Imaging Services!

Our desktop scanners are small, quiet, quick, intelligently designed and connect easily to your office systems. These document scanners can output to several different file types such as PDF, JPG, TIF, and multi-page TIF.  These desktop scanners from Canon, Epson, Fujitsu, Panasonic, and Kodak feature advanced image capture technology! This technology which provides vastly better image quality than the standard copy machine.

Scanning technology is constantly improving and has raised by leaps and bounds in recent years. Some technological improvements have become standard in all desktop document scanners, such as – Automatic paper size detection, automatic blank page detection and deletion, automatic document rotation, hole punch removal, etc. The scanning software can even separate documents into different files using Patchcode technology.

Any of these desktop scanners are perfect for use in a small office and will help your business stay on top of the constant flow of documents. They are great at home for the occasional project of family records or pictures. These desktop scanners can also be used for daily scanning tasks such as digitizing receipts for taxes.

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Canon DR-C225W
Epson DS-860
Fujitsu FI-7180
Panasonic KV-S1015CA