Document Capture Software

Every document and engineering scanner manufacturer provides a “driver” software that allows the scanner to properly interface with the computer it connects to. This driver ordinarily handles all of the advanced image quality settings such as Dots Per Inch (DPI) settings, automatic paper size detection, range of automatic color detection, blank page removal, etc. These image quality settings have begun to become standard with all scanners, regardless of manufacturer.¬†While the scanner driver settings begin to overlap between scanner manufacturers, each producer provides a unique document capture software that helps set them apart from their competition.

These scanning solutions tend to be bundled with every one of their scanners. Each of the software solutions are able to (at the minimum) scan the document and output it to a few different file types. These softwares are also able to create smart PDF’s by performing Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which allows users to search for keywords through a document. Some of these software solutions are even able to perform classification of documents using bar codes or cover sheets. This classification ensures that the software is able to automatically push certain document types to particular locations with minimal user input. A few of these softwares are even able to allow indexing to occur after the scan is complete, and before final output. One document capture solution can even automatically classify, index, and export to multiple document management softwares.

With so many different document capture softwares to choose from, let Graphic Imaging Services step in to show you which solution best fits your needs. We are considered experts in our field, and we would love to show you why.

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