Engineering Scanners

Do you have a plan room brimming with engineering documents? Are these plans stored in overflowing flat file cabinets or crammed full in hanging files? How much time do you spend each day searching through piles of drawings trying to find a particular plan that is out of order? It is time to stop searching through these unorganized physical plans and instead scan them into a digital format.

All of the engineering scanners that Graphic Imaging Services offers are able to digitize engineer drawings very quickly with amazing image quality! These scanners use state of the art internal cameras to accurately capture every inch of the scanned drawing. With optical resolution up to 1200 dots per inch, your final digital product will be as good as or better than the original drawing.

Keeping the amazing image quality in mind, these scanners are not meant only for engineering departments. These scanners can have a scanning area as large as 54 inches, and can be raised to accept up to .6 inch thick media. This allows you to scan most forms of artwork and media with ease!

The Contex and Colortrac software allows you to scan to numerous file types, and the digital scan can also be printed directly from the scanning software. The software includes compatibility with various large format and multi function printers. Just imagine being able to take a physical piece of artwork, and creating multiple high quality copies of it within minutes!

Graphic Imaging Services’ large format engineering scanners are perfect for your¬†artwork, photographs, maps, architectural renderings, GIS, technical drawings, CAD drawings, blueprint, photographs, extra wide and extra thick media!