Production Scanners

Does your organization process huge volumes of documents such as invoices, insurance claims or loan applications? Are you looking for a reliable, robust and affordable high speed scanner for your centralized operation? Did the machine you have been using for the last 10 years break down? Don’t let those documents pile up around you!

Our production scanners redefine productivity, versatility and reliability.

Scanning productivity is commonly the driving factor in a new scanner purchase. Most businesses want to make sure they are investing in the fastest scanner on the market. The production scanners that we offer scan as low as 70 pages per minute and up to 210 pages per minute!

Each production scanner offered by Graphic Imaging Services provides are amazingly versatile. These scanners can be used in every field! Medical professionals employ high volume scanners for the digitization of patient records. Legal professionals tend to focus on mid volume scanners to digitize the constant flow of case records. Building departments at government agencies can be found with low volume scanners that can handle double letter sized engineer drawings. No matter your specific need, we are able to suggest the scanner that is perfect for your business.

All of the reliable scanners we offer come with a warranty by the manufacturer, which can be between 90 days to 1 year. We are also able to offer extended warranties for the life of the scanner. If any malfunction occurs with the equipment, one of our certified technicians will be on-site by the next business day to resolve the issue. They’re ready to tackle the most demanding high volume requirements.

Let Graphic Imaging Services provide you the perfect production scanning solution for your business!



Canon DR-G1130


Fujitsu FI-6400