Ideal for small business Or personal scanning


Ideal for daily high Volume Of documents


Independent workstation That scans directly to Network or email


Large format Drawings & specialty work


Document Capture

Custom solutions for Scanning, Data capture, & OCR

Document Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Automation (BPA), Data Retrieval, and Enterprise applications

Conversion Service

Conversion include Computer Aided Drafting(CAD), Building Information Modeling(BIM), and Geographic Information Systems(GIS)


Data Protection, Unified Storage, Archiving, And Data Management Solutions

Scanner maintenance

Next Business-Day Repair

Resolve most hardware Issues: lines, paper jamming, Squeaking noise, consumable replacement


Regularly scheduled scanner Cleaning prevent issues from Occurring and keeps equipment operational


Incentives when replacing older scanners


Replace or upgrade Parts to improve Scanner functionality

Our Solutions

Each industry comes with specific needs and requirements a for Document Management.  Some processes may not meet current requirements or are out of date.  With over 20 years of experience in selling document management software solutions and document management products, we have selected tools to manage and protect these records that can be tailored to YOUR specific needs.  They can help reduce risks and meet compliance requirements too.  Our records management solutions include advanced workflow, scanning software, automation business document processing and integration to other platforms. These solutions will help you towards your goal of Information Governance.

Our solutions are for both private sector businesses and government agencies in engineering, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, human resources, and many more.  These solutions ensure day to day operations while digitizing, and categorizing data for Records Management with the end result of compliance and record retention policies.