Film / Micrographics

Our microfilm and slide conversion services provide a single source for all your scanning needs. With many years of experience working with county governments to microfilm land records, we have the knowledge and technology it takes to convert your aperture cards, microfiche, or microfilm to a digital format. We can also provide service in indexing data as part of the conversion process. As with all of our services, volume discounts are available for bulk operations.

Why Convert Microfilm or Microfiche Documents to Digital?

  • Quick and easy retrieval – No more wasting time searching through rolls to find the images you are looking for, a quick search through digital data locates the exact information you need, and anything related.
  • Reduce costs – Save your money! There is no need to pay for climate control storage or maintenance of outdated technology, your records can be safely stored in a secure cloud system to ensure proper backups.
  • Easily share your data – Quickly access your images and share directly from your computer, while ensuring all participants are using the same exact documentation – no concerns for modified copies floating about.
  • Reduce security risks – Your electronic documents have the ability to be protected by passwords, user restrictions, as well as audit trails. Never worry about data loss or retention policies again!
  • No lost or damaged documents – Natural disaster? Facility fire? No problem. Your electronic documents have the ability to be backed up and easily restored.

Aside from microfilm and micrographics, at Graphic Imaging Services we also provide service in scanning your home photos. Bring in your family albums and have those memories preserved digitally. Digitizing family memories make a great gift for children, grandchildren, and make a perfect gift for birthdays or the holidays.

Conversions Available For

  • Aperture Cards
  • Microfiche
  • Microfilm
  • 16mm film
  • 35mm film