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Graphic Imaging Services, Inc. is a Nevada based company that provides document conversion services for all organizations from local business to Fortune 500 companies throughout the US. We work with private companies and Government contracts, not only to convert files to a digital platform, but to provide the tools and equipment necessary to maintain an up-to-date and accurate archive of records. We offer onsite scanning.

How We Do Data Management

Records Management

Each industry comes with specific needs and requirements for Document Management.  Some processes may not meet current requirements or are out of date.  With over 20 years of experience in selling document management software solutions and document management products, we have selected tools to manage and protect these records that can be tailored to your specific needs.  They can help reduce risks and meet compliance requirements too.  Our records management solutions include advanced workflow, scanning software, automation business document processing and integration to other platforms. These solutions will help you towards your goal of Information Governance.

Our solutions are for both private sector businesses and government agencies in engineering, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, human resources, and many more.  These solutions ensure day to day operations while digitizing and categorizing data for Records Management with the end result of compliance and record retention policies.

Digital Industry Experts

Graphic Imaging Services is the leading expert in the digital transformation of paper in Nevada. We do all the scanning in our office and offer fast turnaround time on projects. As the only private company to own a flatbed scanner in Clark County, Las Vegas, we can scan anything regardless of size or thickness. We charge per page for documents or based on square footage for oversize items. Our standard scan is at 300 DPI but have the capacity to go up to 1200 DPI. Pick the format you want to save your documents in- JPG, PDF or TIF! Whether you have a single item or a large conversion project, we can handle it all!

We also handle indexing, AutoCAD and OCR! When it comes to storing and managing documents and records, access becomes the focus. We index your files for easy access and retrieval. Programs with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities allow us to make your documents searchable by

  • Keywords
  • Barcodes
  • Type/Printed Text
  • Handwriting

Document Scanning

Accounting, finance, case files, legal documents, medical records, shipping/receiving documents and more are the typical paper records you maintain on a regular basis.  Transform your file cabinets into digital content. It will save you space and make it faster to find documents.  We offer on-site or at our secure location.  You can add document management software to ensure your digital records are secure.

If you scan on a daily basis, we offer document scanners. If you have a single project, we offer rental scanners! We offer HIPPA compliant scanning services as well as encrypting of personal documents for your protection.

Large Format Scanning

Engineering drawings, architectural plans, GIS maps and more are critical for reference with construction and utilities. Legacy information on civil drawings and structural plans are used in to make important decisions. As experts in the capture of large format documents, we offer the ability to capture ALL the content of these records as good as or better than the original. Scanned maps can be used in CAD and GIS applications and can be stored in a Document Management or GIS system. We offer on-site or off-site services. We also offer the scanning of art and valuable memorabilia.

Book Scanning

If you have bound material that you want to remain bound, a book scanner is ideal. We can scan historical assessor ledgers, survey books, magazines, newspapers, photo albums and more. The technology in this scanner will find the center crease and flatten the pages without harming the physical material.