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We use what we sell, We sell what we use, and we fix it!

As experts in document imaging services and the capture of digital data, we have the experience and technology to solve your document management challenges. At our location we have a fleet of scanners in order to provide professional scanning services for any type of paper including historic documents, all forms of artwork, and even specialty items. No matter the document type, whether it be accounting records or other financial documents, medical records, legal documentation, or even large format engineering drawings, we have the equipment and expertise to accommodate the task

With proven methodologies for success, we guarantee a successful project the first time around. Our team can accommodate engineering scanning or document scanning projects on-site as well as in-house. As a consumer of the same products you will be using, we are able to recommend only the best in hardware and software solutions. We also employ certified maintenance technicians, so we can resolve any questions effectively and efficiently.

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Best Sellers

Canon G2140

Contex IQ Quattro X

Ricoh (Fujitsu) 8170

SmartLF Gx+ Series

Featured Product

Canon DR X10CII


The durable DR-X10C II scanner delivers easy, reliable document handling. And with Kofax VRS (VirtualReScan) software and the built-in Kofax CGA Board, users also get high speed and enhanced image quality for powerful document capture.


Personal Document Scanning Services
Document Imaging Services, Large Format Scanning Services, Artwork Scanning, Scan and Capture

We are one of the only companies that offer document scanning services near you! Our document imaging service is specially crafted to fit your needs. We maintain high volume production scanners for records, engineering scanners for record drawings and building plans, high quality imaging scanners for photos, and the only large format flatbed scanner in Las Vegas for artwork. The next time you are looking for “document imaging solution” or even “large format printing”, give us a call!

CAD Services

Paper to CAD Conversion Services, PDF to CAD Conversion, AutoCAD Conversion, Blueprint Scanning

We have implemented engineering document imaging management systems for various companies through the years. This process often involves providing backfile imaging services with large document scanning services, and then paper to CAD conversion to optimize the use of digital data.

Film and Video Transfer Services

VHS to DVD Transfer, Slides to JPEG or TIFF Format, Microfilm to Multi-Page PDF, CD to External USB Drive

We have all the necessary hardware to transfer any of your outdated, legacy medias to DVD and digital formats. We are able to turn all of your old VHS tapes, into digital files and even push them to DVD or USB. Bring in any SD cards, film, or slides and let us move your memories into a media that will better stand the test of time!

Scanner Repair Service

Scanner Preventative Maintenance, Scanner Service, Office Equipment Repair, Training and Installation

We have service certified scanner maintenance technicians available for all your scanner repair needs! This includes document scanners, network scanners, and large format engineering scanners. We provide Preventative Maintenance and contracts for various manufacturers including: Fujitsu, Contex, Vidar, Kodak Alaris, Colortrac, Epson, Canon, and more!


Desktop Scanners, Document Imaging Hardware

Large Format Engineering Scanners, Flatbed Scanners, Production Scanners, Book Scanners

For many years, we have been partnered with the document and engineering scanner manufacturers. This partnership assures that no matter which scanner type you are looking for (whether it is a large flatbed A1 scanner, a high volume production scanner, personal document scanner, or large format engineering scanner) you can be assured that you are getting the best deal!

Document management

Document Imaging Solutions, Retention Schedules, Automated Indexing, Forms Processing

We offer various software to complement your on site document scanning process. These softwares can be trained by our certified technicians to automatically separate documents, index typed and hand written fields, and move documents to each stage of the capture process. We are often hosting seminars to showcase the capabilities of our document management software.


Windows 10 Upgrade, SCSI Connection Replacement, High Repair Costs, Slow Scanning Speed

We offer trade-in value for your obsolete scanners towards the purchase of new equipment. Scanners can become obsolete for several reasons. One of the most common and upcoming reasons to upgrade your scanning equipment is the inevitable upgrade to Windows 10. Most older imaging scanners do not have drivers for this new operating system, which means the scanner will no longer function when updating Windows. Don’t throw away your legacy equipment without contacting us first!
Consumables, Document Imaging Hardware Consumables

Fujitsu ScanAid Kits, Kodak Feeder Kits, Canon Exchange Roller Kits, Contex Customer Care Kits

Over time, scanning equipment will begin to have problems pulling paper into the scanner or it will feed multiple sheets in at the same time. The scanner may also be giving error messages such as “time to replace consumable rollers”. These rollers are much like the tires of your car, as they begin to fade and lose tread over time. We offer free installation on any consumable order in Las Vegas, and can also provide training on scanner cleaning so you scanning process is never delayed!

Featured Product

Large format flatbed scanner for creativity and productivity without compromise.

The large flatbed surface of the large format flatbed scanner offers a fast scan speed and ultra-flexible design make IQ FLEX the perfect solution for the demanding user.

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Let’s Build Something Together

Reach out to us and see what we can do together. We offer a variety of services.

Graphic Imaging Services has been established for over 25 years. We scan everything from records and documents to art work and paintings, from blueprints and drawings to fabric and tapestry,  from photos to canvas. We have multiple different scanners on site to ensure your work is scanned properly and in the best quality.

Documents can be saved in a variety of formats including JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG, DWG, and PDF. If you are looking for a specific format, do not hesitate to ask.

We do offer document prepping services. This service includes carefully removing staples and paperclips from your documents and repairing torn pages before they are scanned.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of scanned documents is one of the services we do offer. This service utilizes software that converts the text on your paper documents to searchable digital content. OCR allows you to search for keywords and phrases in your digital images. OCR cuts down on time and labor when searching for specific data from your scanned documents.

Yes. In fact, it’s one of our specialties. Large and oversized documents such as blueprints, engineering documents, or paintings take up a lot of office space. Because of this many scanning providers require a consultation to see if they have the space and equipment for the task. At Graphic Imaging Services you don’t have to worry about that.

Client Testimonials

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

“The team was very professional and displayed true teamwork in working with our in house employees and our additional contracting staff. Our project goals became their business goals.”

Kihuen & Parris

Thank you for completing our scanning project in the most professional and expeditious manner possible. Your entire staff communicated with us effectively and professionally throughout the six-week process. Simply stated, your customer service was exceptional.”

Mohave County Recorder

“Your expertise during the project planning phase guided the unforeseen framework that distinguishes a beneficial record set from a mere pile of inaccessible scans. Providing your managerial direction had yielded great dividends throughout the scope of our contract."

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