Photo Albums

Despite anyone’s best efforts, photos will fade over time. Sunlight, even regular electric light from fluorescent lamps, will cause your images to deteriorate with enough exposure. Glue and tape cracks and dries over time. Bindings become worn and damaged and even the tack used to position photos in a family album will degrade, creating anomalies on photographs.

Graphic Imaging Services can scan your photographs into a digital format; preserving and protecting one of your most irreplaceable possessions. Let us help you. Whether it is a quick scan of individual images or a detailed digital reproduction of an entire photo album. We have the technology and experience needed to accomplish exactly what you need.

Simple reproduction of a stack of photos is no problem, provided they are not covered with glue or tack. Photos with severe degradation, or those covered with sticky substances, can still be reproduced with careful handling. If your photo albums are arranged in a particular fashion, or have elements which should be reproduced digitally in addition to the photography, we can even construct a page-by-page electronic copy for you.

Want copies of your old photos? We can print your scanned photographs, scaling them up in size if desired. Color correction and damage restoration techniques are part of our lexicon – let our expert technicians return your damaged photos to their original luster.

We also convert digital images into a photo slideshow montage, complete with titles and a musical score of your choice. Send your entire album to your friends and family, electronically!

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