Nexsan Assureon Series

Intended for Data Protection / Archiving / Healthcare

Assureon and Unity Assureon Archive protect your information better than any other archive solution on the market.

Assureon’s advanced archive and security features make it ideal for primary storage optimization, regulatory and corporate compliance, and the secure, long-term retention of files. It offloads data from primary storage to free up space for active data and greatly reduces the size, cost and complexity of backups. Security features comply overall with corporate and governmental regulatory requirements including HIPAA, CJIS, PCI-DSS, SOX and SEC-17.

Unity Assureon Archive is tightly integrated optional component of Unity, which provides an overall complete multi-tier data management solution. Not only does it enable organizations to meet regulatory demands but it protects your data from ransomware attacks, silent data corruption and accidental deletion. If Unity Assureon Archive discovers lost or corrupted data during regular background maintenance sweeps, it will fix it first then let you know that a problem has been handled. Accordingly, restoring data lost from a catastrophe has never been easier.

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Data Integrity

High value data needs to be protected. Generally, fulfilling corporate governance and Government regulatory needs with constant data verification.

Storage Optimization

Transparently offloads expensive primary storage without the need for custom API’s or changes to the applications.

Cloud Connectivity

The Assureon Series can be configured to allow multiple applications, departments or companies to operate securely with complete seperation.