Drawings and Blueprints

Engineering, architectural, and construction companies need to maintain a final copy of each building they design for compliance and emergency management. Where are these drawings being held? Are they being stored in a plan room on multiple hanging drawing racks? Perhaps they are organized into flat file cabinets? Are they stored in a pile on someone’s desk? Searching for a particular plan while using any one of these storage methods can result in a complete hassle. They require physical labor, time, and do not guarantee you will find the plan. The cost to store drawings can exceed $5000 a year!



Digitizing your paper drawings with Graphic Imaging Services can provide you with information you can use for both day to day operations as well as emergencies. Not only will we scan your records, but we can custom index your drawings. We can index your drawings based on which fields you will need to search by. We would then import them into our TIFFany Engineering Document Management Software to help you until you need to search. Common index fields include Project Number, Permit Number, Revision Number, and Date. We can also customize these fields to fit your organization’s needs.

As experts in the scanning of large format documents, we can secure your paper data and index it to a searchable database your employees can use!