Human Resource

Document management is necessary for the human resources (HR) department of any business. Without any tool or software, organizing data and various files is a daunting and time-consuming task. Digitally storing all data and making it available for the HR department is the best way moving forward.

Consolidate without compromising compliance. By consolidating your paper and electronic files in one secure location, finding documents just got a lot easier. Keeping employee records compliant with legal requirements is a critical priority for HR departments. New regulations are increasing the burden of adequately and consistently managing human resources records. For example, government regulations have created stronger requirements related to retention and stricter controls over personal information.

Paper makes compliance a monumental task. In the U.S., changes in Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), for example, mean discovery involving any record must be fast and thorough—and that’s hard to accomplish in a paper-based HR environment.

Digitizing paper documents can dramatically improve operational efficiency, ensure security, and simplify compliance. Document management solutions synchronize with your records management policies and procedures and integrate with other systems to ease the burden of internal or external HR audits for I-9, payroll taxes, and workers compensation claims.

Document management solutions also ensure documents are safe from natural disaster, theft, and other threats. You’ll quickly know which documents you have, which are missing, and which are no longer needed. You’ll know who has access to what, and who stored, moved, shared, or deleted documents. The result is better security and efficiency.

HR departments are stymied by time-consuming and archaic recruitment, hiring, and onboarding forms. To improve efficiency, documents such as employment contracts, employee files, and employee handbooks should all be digitized. With paper documents turned digital and manual processes automated, HR teams can customize electronic performance appraisal templates and set dates for reviews, while capturing and storing all the information.

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