Scanner Repair & Maintenance

Certified Technician

We have a Certified Technicians on staff for ColorTrac, Contex, Fujitsu, and more! These maintenance technicians are always available to clean, service and repair your scanning equipment.

On Site Rapid Response

We strive to respond ON-SITE by the NEXT BUSINESS DAY to get your scanning project back to operational as quickly as possible. (Same day service is available in certain geographic locations.)

First Time Fix Commitment

We repair over 85% of equipment problems on the first visit. We have a commitment to quickly resolve any equipment issues so that your organization’s scanning services are not interrupted.

Equipment Trade-In

Your used equipment may have some value. If you are considering an upgrade of your scanning hardware, think twice before you give away your old scanners. It’s possible your equipment has trade-in value, which can significantly reduce the cost of replacement. Please contact us directly for more details, we are happy to investigate.

Preventive Maintenance & Repair

Our scanner repair services provide a full equipment check to catch issues early on before they become real problems. Scanner maintenance is offered for various scanner manufacturers: Fujitsu scanner repair, Kodak scanner repair, Epson scanner repair, Contex scanner repair, etc. We are also able to replace consumable rollers on any piece of scanning equipment. We will also train your scan technicians on proper maintenance procedures so they can handle the minor issues.

Maintenance contracts are available for all scanner types. This includes all high volume production scanners, flatbed scanners, and large format production scanners. If you receive a quote from ANYONE ELSE give us a call!

Cleaning & Maintenance Tutorials

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