Gift Ideas

Yes, we scan documents and blueprints, provide scanner maintenance, and sell scanners and software but with our equipment and expertise in capture we also sell the perfect gifts. Whether it’s for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, celebration of life, or just because gift, we got you covered. Check out some of our gift ideas below.

Family Hand Portraits

Get your family’s handprints scanned together (yes, at the same time!) in different poses on our massive flatbed scanner. You will receive a digital copy of all of your scans. These scans can be printed onto canvas or foamboard in the size of your choice and make the most unique and precious gift or decoration for home or office.

Digital Photo Albums

Do you have photo albums or loose photos that have been sitting in a box or in a bookshelf just collecting dust? These precious memories are susceptible to damage from the environment, fire, water, and theft. Digitize your photo albums and put them on a flash drive. Make as many copies as you want for family members. This keepsake is a beautiful and priceless gift that any family member would appreciate. Protect your family’s memories and history by digitizing your photo albums.

Photo Slideshow Video

Bring your digital photos or we can scan your photos to create a slideshow for a special event or person. Celebrate a relationship, a milestone, a family, or even just a person. The slideshow will feature a cohesive theme throughout and can include sound clips, home videos, and royalty free stock music of your choosing. This custom gift is the perfect way to celebrate.

Art or Photo Canvas and Prints

Did someone create a piece of art they’re really proud of? Is there a family photo you think would make a great gift for someone? Get them scanned and printed on canvas or foamboard and give it as a gift. We can scan ANY size. You get a digital copy of the scan(s). We can also print those beloved art pieces and photographs into canvas or foam board so you can give a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Gift Ideas - Canvas
Gift Ideas - Foamboard
Photo Albums
Gift Ideas - Canvas
* Please note that there is a $50 minimum on all scanning done (multiple poses/scans can be done to reach and/or surpass the minimum). Project pricing varies depending on: number of poses/scans, printing medium (ie. canvas, foam board, photo, etc.), if you would like any photoshop work done (ie. add text or graphics, clean up of a photo, restoration of a photo, etc.), and prep (if requested for photo albums). Please contact our office at 702-222-3590 for a quote and any additional information on your project.