Fine Art Services

fine art

Graphic Imaging Services is the primary source for large format artwork scanning and reproduction. We can scan your custom artwork on most forms of media with the use of multiple types of scanning equipment. Did you know that we have the only large-format flatbed scanning service in Las Vegas? We can handle projects that others in Las Vegas would have trouble with.

Simply drop your art off and leave the rest to us. We can handle scanning imagery from almost any material type: paper, thick poster board, plaster, wood, and canvas. Unusual size? No worries. Unusual format sizes are our specialty. If you can fit it in the front door we can copy it.

Images can be reproduced at almost any desired size. We offer scanning at various resolutions from 300 DPI to 1200 DPI which is ideal for wall-size prints. Canvas wrapping services are available as well, with particular attention paid to leaving a canvas wrapping margin in the print – a step often overlooked by canvas reprographic services.

Work directly with our scanning technicians to get the image quality you desire. Often, scanning services don’t take into account the light level adjustments caused by scanning cameras. With years of experience handling large format artwork, Graphic Imaging Services understands your specific needs when translating a physical image to a digital copy while maintaining image quality.

With a variety of technology and equipment available, Graphic Imaging Services has exactly what you need to copy your artwork. Make prints and distribute copies of your original, without compromising image quality. As a thank you to our loyal artistic customers, we can even showcase your artwork on our website with your permission, for a little extra exposure. Let us know what your specific needs are and share your artwork with the world!

fine art