Medical Records

Unlike most businesses and industries, in a simplified view healthcare is really about life and death. It’s where medical records, data, and information can be considered the lifeblood of any organization in providing healthcare services. Healthcare information is a critical resource that must be understood and utilized appropriately. This ensures a company provides safe, effective, and high-quality care. With the current environment there is a need to ensure the integrity of healthcare information. In other words, it must be accurate, timely, relevant, valid, and complete.

Many Physicians and medical facilities still have patient records on paper, often held in huge storage facilities, with a high risk of incorrect filing or duplicated paperwork.  In 2018, Meaningful Use is still developing recommendations and expanding methods to better our results in healthcare. Having effective medical records provides doctors the right information they need to make effective decisions.


We offer scanning of historical files with careful handling to ensure your records are never compromised. We have the expertise to export these files into a EMR or document management system.

Whether your business is a hospital, health insurance provider, private medical practice or medical claims processor, the healthcare field is notoriously paper intensive. We at Graphic Imaging Services offer our twenty years of imaging and document management experience to provide HIPAA-compliant scanning services to all areas of the medical industry.

Want to scan it yourself? We provide training and equipment for back file conversion and day-forward digitization needs. Between medical history forms, patient charts, HIPAA forms insurance claims and more, there is a lot of paper to get into an EMR system.  Use our experienced team as part of your project.

Since everyone’s needs are different, we recommend an assessment to find the most feasible solution for your office. Please contact us directly for a one-on-one consultation.

We are HIPAA Compliant company.

Medical Records