Which scanner is right for you?

Scanning technology has improved drastically over the last decade. What was once an upgrade has become standard to every scanner. This includes automatic paper size detection, document rotation, hole punch removal, and blank page detection. With so many different scanner types available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you. Some things to consider when investing in a scanner are quantity, speed, and cost. The quantity of paper you scan on a daily basis will affect the type of scanner you select. If you want low speed, low quantity and low cost, the best scanner is a document scanner. If you want high speed, high quantity and high cost, the best scanner is a  production scanner. There are different models in each category to fulfill your specific needs.

Personal and Desktop Document Scanner

Document scanners are perfect for use in your home or small office and will help you stay on top of a steady flow of documents. They are great for projects, like scanning family records or pictures. These document scanners can also be used for daily scanning tasks such as digitizing receipts for taxes. Perfect for a fast paced environment desktop scanners are small, quiet, quick, intelligently designed and connect easily to your office systems.

Mid Volume and Production Scanners

Speed is a discerning factor when investing in a new scanner. We have access to some of the fastest scanner on the market with speeds up to 210 pages per minute! Another great benefit of a production scanner is their ability to handle larger paper width and length. Medical professionals employ high volume scanners for the digitization of patient records. Legal professionals tend to focus on a mid-volume scanner to digitize the constant flow of case records. Building departments at government agencies can be found with a low volume scanner that can handle double letter sized engineer drawings.

Specialty Scanners

A network document scanner are designed to transport documents to an online solution and to be their own workstation. With a built in computer and touch screen monitor, it allows your workstation to be more compact and maintain superb image quality, speed and efficiency. A network scanner is unique because it is able to scan directly to an email,  export the scanned documents to a network folder, or save them to a USB flash drive.

A Large format Flatbed Scanner protects fragile originals by placing them gently on the scanner bed or utilize its flexibility to scan books, textiles, original artwork any many other types of original.

A Book Scanner can easily scan newspapers, magazines, documents or books directly without cutting or damaging them.

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