Nexsan E-Series

Intended for Data Protection / DVS Storage / Media & Entertainment / SAN

Nexsan E-Series was purpose-built to make your job easier. Battle-tested to deliver reliable, high-performance storage. Get the throughput to process the most demanding workloads like 24×7 video surveillance, media editing, and scientific analytics processing.


  • Backing up your data has never been faster with the new E-Series P controllers delivering more then 2X the performance. Not only is disk hardware fast, but software that allows for Synthetic Full backups greatly enhance performance.
  • Recovery of your data is also faster due to the aggressive Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), partially because all RAID protected disk arrays can read faster than they can write. In addition, being able to only read the blocks required greatly reduces recovery time over tape.
  • Increase power, space, and cost effeciencies with our highly dense and energy efficient storage. Our exclusive AutoMAID innovation, saves up to 87% on power and cooling compared to other arrays.
  • Enjoy unparalleled level of reliability with our industry leading reliability rate, hot swappable devices, multi-path IO and no single point-of-failure architecture. The risk to business continuity is an important consideration when choosing a data protection solution.
Nexsan E Series

Automatic Power Savings

Save up to 87% on energy costs with AutoMAID® power management. Each RAID set can have its drives progress into deeper power savings. AutoMAID is ideal for backup to disk or bulk storage; interface allows you to easily customize or change power policy.

Hot Swappable Management

Density without application downtime: Active Drawer Technology enables IT managers to easily service drives or fans while the system is being actively used without heavy lifting or having to power down.

State of the Art Vibration Control

Improve system performance and reliability with Anti-Vibration Design, featuring hard drives that are arranged in couplets and counter-rotated to eliminate vibrations between drives.