NextImage by Contex is more than just a scanning software suite. It is designed specifically to optimize your results for every perceivable use. Nextimage brings out previously unseen details and restores even the faintest originals to their original luster. You can scan in vibrant color in sRGB, Adobe RGB or even full 48 bit with selected scanners. You can easily capture and improve maps using the program’s advanced filters color reduction options.

Digitize and restore your monochrome originals with specially designed, adaptive filters and advanced background suppression technology. Intuitive and powerful, this software makes your workflow more productive, more effective, and more connected than ever before. Let it improve your image today.

Utilizing the full 64 bit OS found in Windows 10 operating systems, Nextimage is able to capture the longest originals in the capturing software industry. No original is too big for this software. Should limits be reached in TIF and PDF file formats, Nextimage will automatically create multi-page images files instead, to ensure that every detail of your original documentation is captured effectively.

With NextImage by Contex, you have to ask yourself why you are using multiple software suites when you can have an all in one package, with a single line of support for your product. You can copy, print, email, edit, and scan with this multi-function wide format software.

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