Network Scanners

There is no reason to slow down your business operations with inefficiencies.

That’s why it is important to eliminate unnecessary steps in your communications and development processes. When scanning new imagery or documentation, having to first save the data locally, open an email or file sharing program, and transfer it to another part of your operation adds one of these unnecessary steps to your daily scanning procedures.

Network scanners eliminate the need for additional software solutions.

By interacting with your already established network, internally or externally, network scanners can send scanned imagery and documentation directly to the recipient’s file location. Many network scanners come with effective software to alleviate these communication concerns, and most can interact directly with other software and email programs to ensure smooth collaboration with integrated scanning services.

Network document scanners are designed to transport documents to an online solution and to be their own workstation. With a built in computer and touch screen monitor, it allows your workstation to be more compact and maintain superb image quality, speed and efficiency. A network scanner is unique because it is able to scan directly to an email, export the scanned documents to a network folder, or save them to a USB flash drive.

All of the reliable scanners we offer come with a warranty by the manufacturer

Warranties are from 90 days to 1 year. We are also able to offer extended warranties for the life of the scanner. If any malfunction occurs with the equipment, one of our certified technicians will be on-site by the next business day to resolve the issue. They’re ready to tackle the most demanding high volume requirements.

Let Graphic Imaging Services provide you the perfect production scanning solution for your business!

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