Graphic Imaging Services is more than a scanning and printing company. We offer a wide variety of strategic and technical consultation services to help your business become more efficient. The fields of management consulting and information technology consulting tend to overlap in many areas. Our consulting services help bridge the gap between the technical and the managerial.

Our first step during a consultation is to identify the key applications you use regularly to conduct your workflow. From this foundation we can determine where your business applications may need addressing. We can incorporate the functionality of these applications so they operate as efficiently as possible with a proper document management system.

Document management software is a primary tool for handling effective information flow through your day-to-day business operations, but it is only a tool. We work directly with you to address any concerns and issues which arise from document management software integration, acting more like a partner than an external service.

Effective document management integration takes proper planning, immersive training, and continued support throughout the lifetime of the product. You can expect Graphic Imaging Services to be there with you every step of the way, with the personal touch to your service you should expect from a professional partner and consultant.

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