Documents are the currency of business. The content contained within each document adds to its value. If the data indexed for each record is incorrect, then your organization’s entire history becomes worthless.

Indexing is the process of tagging or associating information with a file so it can be used for search and retrieval purposes later. This indexing can be as simple as filling out Name, Address, and Date or as complicated as the 150 fields that the average traffic citation can have.

We take great care in designing an efficient indexing scheme for your company’s needs. Our staff of data entry technicians have worked on hundreds of different projects throughout the years, most of which included some form of data entry. We have seen all types of forms and engineer drawings, and all of our staff are trained to work effectively and efficiently to index your data correctly the first time. We also offer double key indexing in order to provide 99.95% or higher data accuracy. If you need that data to be intelligent, we can convert your paper data to intelligent PDF, CAD and GIS. Making your data intelligent will allow you to search through your data quickly without having to scroll through the entire form. Our ECMp and CAPTUREp certifications ensure your project will be a success the first time.

There are limited organizations that can provide data entry in Las Vegas, and none that have been in the area for over 20 years!. Let Graphic Imaging Services provide all of your document indexing needs!