Flatbed Scanners

Flatbed scanners have a large rectangular glass plate where users place documents for scanning. An optical scanning head lies below the plate and moves along parallel guides to scan. These flatbed scanners have adjustable, white-lined lids that provide a uniform background allowing scanners to identify the size and shape of the document the user is scanning. Advantages of flatbed scanning include the ability to scan an entire sheet in one go without moving the document as well as to scan bulky items such as magazines and books. The dimensions of the scanner’s glass plate determine the maximum scanned sheet size. Scanner throughput is the time it takes for the scanner to scan a single sheet together with the time to feed the next sheet into the machine.

DDC refers to Daily Duty Cycle. Double check scanner specs on data sheet before purchasing. Prices are subject to change. Contact us today.

Panasonic scanners are limited stock.

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