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IQ FLEX Large Format Flatbed Scanner


Large format flatbed scanner for creativity and productivity without compromise

The large flatbed surface of the large format flatbed scanner offers a fast scan speed and ultra-flexible design make IQ FLEX the perfect solution for the demanding user. Protect fragile originals by placing them gently on the scanner bed or utilize its flexibility to scan books, textiles, original artwork and many other types of original. IQ FLEX is the most flexible A2/C-size flatbed in the market and even scans larger documents up to A1/D-size using a clever Oversize scan function.

IQ FLEX defines flexibility

The IQ FLEX is unrivaled in its flexibility. Flexibility in terms of document shape, physical document depth, file save formats and choice of printer.  Flexibility in how you control, connect and share the scanner and its output.  By adding Nextimage you can even create multi-page documents.  A truly flexible scanning solution.

Cloud connected – Get images where you need themRainforest365 for IQ FLEX provides personalized control of the scanner when connected to the internet from any data enabled mobile or Wi-Fi connected portable computing device.  Deliver scanned images by email, to DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and other cloud services.

Key features

  • Sharp focus Contex CIS CleanScan+ technology with up to 1200×1200 dpi optical resolution
  • Scan A2 / C-size originals in 6 seconds (1)
  • Scan oversized originals up to A1 / D-size
  • Book scan with automatic page split and spine area removal
  • Connect to networks via Wi-Fi or LAN
  • Save your scans directly to memory stick using the high speed USB 3.0 interface
  • Walk-up scan with rainforest365 cloud services (2) using your mobile or portable tablet device
  • Intuitive on-board user interface ideal for first-time users or the experienced scanner operator
  • Optional Nextimage 5 software for professional scanner users that require a fully-featured scanning software experience (3)
  • Scan papers, Mylar, polyester, canvas, card, water colors, acrylics, oil-based artwork, textiles and many other substrates (4)
  • Copy your originals directly to the most popular large format printers using the in-built Contex printer drivers (5)
  • Digitally mark-up originals without printing. Simply scan, annotate then email. No computer required!
  • Fully personalize your network scan connection with Contex LINK software

NOTES: Cloud services require internet connection. 1 200 dpi color. 2 See website for rainforest365 specification. Apple iOS available initially with Android to follow. 3 Nextimage 5 is a software cost option and requires an additional external computer. 4 Sharp focus is reduced for originals placed further than 1.0mm above the scan glass. Copy print drivers included in basic scanner for many HP and Canon large format printers. 


Flexible design means many more opportunities

IQ FLEX is able to scan virtually any type and shape of document such as original artwork, product catalogs and pages from bulky legal binders or even historical artifacts. Position the surface to be scanned flat on the scanner glass, then lower the lid to have IQ FLEX create perfectly crisp, digital images of even your most fragile or difficult to handle originals.

Up to A1/D-size originals

A simple Wizard guides the operator through the Oversize document scanning operation: simply place the document on the scanner and follow the directions. This clever feature brings valuable A1 / D-size document scanning to the IQ FLEX making it a truly versatile scanner for its size.

Book scanning at very reasonable cost

The Contex IQ FLEX is both a document scanner and a capable book scanner. Automatic book size detection, page separation and spine data removal combine to make this a device with an assured ROI (return on investment) performance.

Touch smart

IQ FLEX is equipped with a touchscreen computer the size of a small tablet PC allowing you to scan, annotate, file, copy, email and even cloud-share your digital documents in order to optimize your digital workflow.

Mark-up directly at the scanner

Save money on ink and media. No need to print before you make simple mark-up changes to your drawing, make them on the touchscreen.  Keep it digital!

Contex CleanScan+ CIS modules

Unwanted shadows in folds and creases are removed while high-contrast CIS technology converts your documents to crisp, clean digital reproductions. Contex IQ Flex is the leading flatbed scanner for your projects.

Quality is a brand promise

The IQ FLEX high color fidelity is delivered in Adobe RGB or sRGB full 48-bit color and up to 1200 x 1200 dpi optical resolution for crisp, clear, high-contrast scanning results every time.

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