Conversion Services

Services start at $85/Hour. Cost subject to scope of work. For more information, call 702.222.3590

Graphic Imaging Services, Inc. is one of the only vendors in Las Vegas that is able to offer CAD conversion services. These full scale, layered, dimensionally accurate CAD files can be used with AutoCAD. A CAD file can be provided for each source drawing submitted for conversion. We are able to process any type of file, whether it is JPG, PDF, TIF, or even a physical paper drawing, no matter the size! Bring in a roll of any size drawings and we will get the specified sheets digitized to digital format. We will begin the CAD conversion process with a quick turnaround time! We will also scan the engineering drawing at a high resolution so that every line on the map is captured at the best possible quality.

By using the latest software technology, we accurately digitize faster than most doing heads up digitizing, while maintaining the accuracy you expect in CAD. Many make the mistake of converting the whole drawing when you only need a section or limited area converted. We offer an hourly rate so you only pay for what you need!

We fully guarantee the dimensional accuracy of each conversion, and complete most orders within 1 week. Contact us today!