TIFFany Software

TIFFany is an extremely powerful, fully customized, easy to use document management software solution. Specifically designed to modernize workflow and office environment. Search an entire database by different criteria quickly by simply clicking on the entry.

The latest version allows you to globally search your entire database for a keyword and allows you to email using Outlook without ever exiting the program. A one-step solution to what was once a more complicated problem.
TIFFany uses a variety of database formats such as Microsoft Access, SQL and Oracle database systems. Your data is always in an ODBC compliant database for easy migration to other applications without complication.

Included with TIFFany is a powerful document viewer which currently supports over 450+ specific formats. Formats included are TIFF, JPG, PDF, AutoCAD, Microstation, Microsoft Word files and more. No need to open different applications to view the variety of documents in your database.

TIFFany is integrated with Microsoft Outlook email, allowing you to email selected files at the click of a button, in a continuous process which doesn’t interrupt your work flow.

Go from rooms, racks, stick sets, and drawers of documentation to a simple computer screen, and access the most current versions of your paperwork and designs immediately.