Legal & Compliance

The legal industry is responsible for handling a massive amount of documents. Every sheet of paper, even a fast food receipt; can be the most important piece of evidence in a case. The problem with paper records is that it only takes one mistake for this record to go missing. The paper could slip into a shred pile, get lost,  or become damaged during any number of natural disasters.

A single case file can easily stack up to be several reams of paper and compliance laws require much of this information to be kept on file by law firms, courts and legal departments. Where does your organization physically store the completed case files while new clients are constantly walking into your door?

No boxes? No problem! We can come on-site to your location, transfer your physical records from file cabinets to banker boxes, and transport these documents to our office for digitization. We offer local pick-up of boxes with chain of custody documentation to ensure you are aware of who is responsible for your documents. We are also able to provide on-site scanning services to help you move forward into the digital age. Let Graphic Imaging Services provide our specialized scanning services for the Las Vegas legal community.