January 2019 Newsletter – Document Management

Jan 1, 2019 | Blog, Newsletters


Document Management – A Walk in the Park

Document management services and solutions apply to more areas than business and more people than lawyers and doctors. Personal projects and collections of meaningful documents can be just as precious and important to preserve and record. Think of all the physical copies of memories and treasures; photo albums of moments and people that have since passed. Think of the college graduation degree of your great grandfather. Of the artwork that may not have much monetary value but plenty of the sentimental kind. Such things make wonderful gifts to share, but only if you are able to share them. By scanning these mementos you become able to share them, and protect them from damage and loss.

Such an important task sounds like it will be expensive, time consuming and more work than you would want, but that is only if you do it alone. The services we provide come at a discount to you: we already have the equipment to use, the knowledge to accomplish the project, and the time to do it. We don’t charge based on the time it takes to do the project, just the size of the project and the services you are wanting done: using us for your projects is a walk in the park.

To learn more about software that can manage your records, apply your retention policies, secure your content and more, contact Lisa at Graphic Imaging Services.  We can demonstrate software will work with YOUR documents and your requirements.