SmartLF SC Series

Colortrac SmartLF SC Series, Engineering Scanner

Colortrac SmartLF SC Series are robust and reliable high volume production scanners. High quality images, a fast scan speed with practical and effective software get even more quality documents scanned every hour. Available in 42”, 36” and 25” image width versions. Equally the scanners are suited to the demanding volume scanning needs of AEC, CAD, Mapping, GIS and Service Bureau professionals.

Colortrac ClearView lighting technology inside each SmartLF SC Series scanner has been carefully designed to create a highly linear bi- directional LED lighting effect. Basically it perfectly illuminates the scan object whilst giving an Instant-on response.


SingleSensor Technology

The SmartLF SC 36 is a large format scanner that uses our SingleSensor digital imaging technology.  The Colortrac invention combines a full document width of individual contact image sensors (CIS) in a robust single-piece unit. This enables a significantly higher optical quality and dramatic increase in pixel alignment stability.  The SmartLF SC 36 scanner has 43,200 short image-path sensors that are illuminated by a custom designed bi-directional LED lighting arrangement. They also provide “instant-on” low energy illumination making the SmartLF SC 36 Energy Star qualified.  Shadow effects in folds of creased documents are also reduced by the innovative active pressure roller that gently presses the document against the SingleSensor.

Evidently features reduce optical errors to a minimum ensuring all scan and copy data is of the highest color and accuracy.  The scanner is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all relevant international safety and electrical standards.

Larger Document Staging Area

The new design incorporates a larger face-up staging platform to make loading documents into the scanner faster and easier.  SmartLF is the first Colortrac scanner designed specifically to auto-size documents face-up in the centre of the scanner. A change which helps the operator to see what they are scanning and also to load creased documents more effectively.  For documents conforming to standard drawing sheet sizes the scanner expects the media at the side of the platform.  The straight-through paper path of SmartLF has a maximum media width of 38 inches and accepts documents up to 0.08 inches in thickness.  This is more than enough to meet the requirements of AEC, CAD, GIS and the majority of work done by copy shop or service bureaux.

Dynamic Document Feed

The SmartLF SC 36 SingleSensor allows the use of a simplified arrangement of rollers to ensure that the document always stays in contact with the optics.  There are driven rollers on either side of the optical path and active soft pressure rollers running the full length of the SingleSensor. This allows the scanner to respond and actively work against the optical disturbances caused by document lift and paper creasing.  This technology ensures that delicate or fragile media can be safely and accurately scanned.

SuperSpeed PC Interface

Furthermore the SmartLF SC large format scanner series are the first to incorporate the new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 digital interface.  Higher data transfer gives the SmartLF SC operator the freedom to scan wider and at higher resolutions without affecting productivity.  If you have large amounts of archiving then SmartLF SC is the perfect solution.