Network Scanners

Do you have a business process or application that you want documents to be directly scanned to without having to use a computer? Do you need to get information into your workflow systems quickly and easily? Do you need to send a high priority document via email without having to go through 10 different steps? Does the document you are currently holding need to be viewed by your team immediately in Microsoft Sharepoint? Network scanners are just what you are looking for!

Network document scanners are designed to be their own workstation with a built in computer and touch screen monitor. This allows your workstation to be more compact than any other type of document scanner. The network scanners that Graphic Imaging Services offers have the same reliable document capture technology that other scanners in the industry use.  This ensures that all of your scanned documents are of superb image quality!

These scanners are specifically designed to transport documents from your hand to one of many online solutions. A network scanner is unique to other document scanners as they are able to email the document immediately after the scan, send the paper to a fax server for processing, transfer each page directly to a networked printer, or upload the scanned images right to an FTP site. These scanners are also able to export the scanned documents to a network folder, a USB flash drive, various document management applications, and more!

Let Graphic Imaging Services provide all of your scanner needs here in Las Vegas!

Canon DR-C225W
Epson DS-560