Contex SD One

Contex SD One

Contex SD One packs a huge amount of value into its lightweight range of 24”, 36” and 44” scanners. With great accuracy and CIS technology, you can trust SD One to deliver good quality scans. Whether you need to scan your construction plans, posters or have old documents that need archiving, SD One will do the job. Add our Nextimage software to the equation and control your digitized scanning environment with the very best tools.


SD One makes in-house scanning easy and affordable, freeing you from the hassle of outsourcing. And because of the lightweight design, you can also take it with you when you are out of office. The ease of use makes it suitable for both entry-level and professionals.


You’re also able to scan to your favorite cloud services!

Full color

SD One series supports full color scanning in precisely the quality you need

All popular file formats

Supports all popular scan file formats – like PDF, TIFF and JPEG


EPA Energy Star ® certified device

Wide range of users

The series’ wide range makes it suitable for both entry-level and professional environments


This allows all users in a work-group to operate the scanner from their own computer via Ethernet.

Contex CleanScan CIS

The Contex CleanScan technology is based on custom CIS modules with Dual sided LED light and Dual Diffusion.

Contex CFR (Color Fringe Removal)

Color Fringe Removal (CFR) is a Contex Patent. Color Fringing is a natural consequence of CIS technology sequentially flashing R-G-B. Thanks to Contex innovative thinking CFR will remove this problem with advanced filter technology.